Q)  How do you qualify renters?

 A) We check their income, rental reference and credit. 


 Q) What happens if rent is not paid?

 A)  Tenant is assessed a 5 % late charge and evection process is started.   

 On the 4th day of the month,   a 5 day pay or quit letter is sent.

On the 20th day of the month an unlawful detainer is filed through the general district court.

Three weeks after filing in court, we go to court  

10 days after court we file for an eviction with sheriff

Wait for the sheriff to evict  


Q)  Can the tenant  pay rent, catch up  and avoid continuing the court process?   

 A)  At any time tenant can catch up and avoid continuing the process 


Q)  How do you handle tenant’s breaks the lease terms

 A) We notify tenant  of  the breach verbally

We notify  tenant of the breach in writing

If not still in compliance send a 12-30 day legal notice

30 days later file for evection 


 Q)  What if  the tenant  request routine maintenance ?

A)   We would sent our regular maintenance providers  


 Q) What if  the tenant  request non-routine maintenance? 

A) We would contact three professionals for a bidding process and selection


 Q)  What if  the tenant  gets hurt and blames the property ?

 A)  We will contact owner’s  insurance company to make a claim.   


 Q) What if the tenant’s  belongings  are damaged.? 

 A) We will tell the tenant to refer to their lease renters policy  is mandatory and they  must contact their renters  insurance.


Q) What if the tenant moves out early? 

A) They will lose their Security Deposit  and with coordination with the owner we can get the house ready to re-rent  and marketed as the owner suggest.


 Q) What if the maintenance emergency cost more than the property manager has the authority to spend?

 A)  We will contact the owner if the owner can’t be reached we will spend as little as possible, to rectify the situation like (if the boiler stops working we can put temporary portable heaters to hold over until we reach the owner)